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SELECT emplNo, emplName
FROM Employees
WHERE emplJob = 'varJob'
ORDER BY emplName

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If you entered variables in the SQL statement, define their values in the Variables area by clicking the Plus (+) button and entering the variable's name, default value (the value the variable should take if no run-time value is returned), and run-time value (usually a server object holding a value sent by a browser, such as an ASP request object).

To reduce the amount of typing, you can use the tree of database items at the bottom of the dialog box. To use the tree, first make sure the SQL text area is blank. Next, expand the branches in the tree until you find the database object you need—a column in a table, for example. Select it and add it to your SQL statement by clicking one of the three buttons on the right side of the tree: Select, Where, and Order By. Each of these buttons adds a clause to the SQL statement.


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